Make your mattress last years with proper love and care

mattress care

Every mattress has a use by date

But if you look after your mattress you can extend its lifespan. Recommendations are that you should replace your mattress every 10 years. There are good reasons for this; hygiene is one and if you do the maths, with a average of 8 hours spent sleeping every night, your 10 year old mattress has been continuously slept in for 3.3 years. Also as we age and grow our bodies may change and the mattress that was right for you then may not be right for you now.

Proper installation

Make sure your new mattress and base are properly installed in your home. Improper installation can damage your new mattress. If you choose to transport and install yourself, ask the store personnel to give you some tips to help you avoid problems.

Mattress rotation

It pays to periodically rotate your mattress every 3-6 months from end-to-end and from top-tobottom.

1. Rotate mattress from positions (A) & (B) while mattress is flat.

2. Move mattress across the bed so that it hangs over about 30cm.

3. Lift the mattress edge as indicated.

4. Let it fall gently onto bed as shown.

5. Then rotate from corners (C) and (D) to reposition mattress on bed.

6. The mattress is now… flipped over and rotated!

steps step 2

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