Posture Support


This Posture Support mattress provides excellent support for your child at a great price. Features natural Australian wool quilting that gives extra warmth in winter and cooler sleeps in summer.

Slumberest’s Posture Support mattress gives excellent support for a growing body. This bed also features Australian wool quilting for extra warmth in winter and to be cooler in summer with maximum air flow. Combine all this with Australian made pocket springs and Dunlop foam which comes with the Australian Asthma foundation approval and health guard. The material also has Adaptive Technology for maximum heat distribution. Your growing child will sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

Features and benefits

  • 6 turn zoned spring
  • Extra firm 35mm foam and Australian wool Quilted cover top and bottom
  • 25 mm 29/200 foam over lay top and bottom
  • Available all sizes